80 per cent of Canadians are protected by cosmetic pesticide restrictions: Manitoba ranked 3rd best in country

In 2016, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) released a report providing a detailed overview and critique of cosmetic pesticide regulation in Canada at the provincial and municipal levels. As of 2018, seven provinces currently have regulations restricting cosmetic uses of pesticides. Elsewhere, some municipalities (Vancouver, for example) have bylaws where there is no province-wide law.

Yellow iris (CPBM photo)

CAPE’s report outlines the different government responsibilities for pesticide regulation at federal, provincial and municipal levels; compares the various versions of current regulations and bylaws that are in place across the country; brings together information on provincial best practices; and makes suggestions on how pest management can be improved. There is also a scorecard ranking provinces’ cosmetic pesticide laws. Manitoba’s existing restrictions in their present form are rated third-best in the country. Among provinces with cosmetic pesticide bans, no province has subsequently taken steps to loosen their regulations.

Link to the report:

A backgrounder to the report:

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