Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba Position Paper: “Restricting Non-Essential Uses of Pesticides in Manitoba”

Keep playing fields safe for kids. (Bill Branson, public domain)

November 2016 – Below is a link to a brief prepared by Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba in 2016, explaining why our group supports maintaining Manitoba’s current ban on cosmetic uses of pesticides. The original brief was filed with the Province of Manitoba as part of their public consultation process in September 2016. The paper was subsequently updated as of November 1, 2016. A list of local and national organizations supporting a ban on cosmetic uses of pesticides is included. Of course, since 2016 when this brief was prepared, additional studies have been published identifying further adverse health impacts associated with human exposure to pesticides.

Link to CPBM Position Paper:

Restricting Non-Essential Uses Of Pesticides in Manitoba  (November 2016)

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