Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba Position Paper: “Restricting Non-Essential Uses of Pesticides in Manitoba”

Keep playing fields safe for kids. (Bill Branson, public domain)

November 2016 – Below is a link to a brief prepared by Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba in 2016, explaining why our group supports maintaining Manitoba’s current ban on cosmetic uses of pesticides. The original brief was filed with the Province of Manitoba as part of their public consultation process in September 2016. The paper was subsequently updated as of November 1, 2016. A list of local and national organizations supporting a ban on cosmetic uses of pesticides is included.

Questions addressed in the paper include:

  1. Who is Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba?
  2. Why does the coalition support restrictions on the sale and use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes?
  3. Federal authorities such as the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) claim that approved pesticides are safe when used as directed. Why does CPBM believe otherwise and on what evidence?
  4. Shade-tolerant planting, with mulch (CPBM photo)

    How does CPBM respond to the claim that current restrictions on pesticides are imposing unacceptable additional costs on municipalities?

  5. Do other provinces restrict the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides?
  6. What would CPBM like to see happen?
  7. What do you think of allowing licenced applicators to continue to use the restricted pesticides?
  8. What next steps does CPBM recommend?

UPDATE – In the intervening time since the CPBM paper was prepared, the Government of Manitoba has come under continued pressure from municipalities and lawn care companies, seeking changes in the current regulations. This has culminated in a proposal in March 2022 to amend Manitoba’s cosmetic pesticide policy through legislation. The Government’s planned changes will drastically weaken current restrictions on non-essential uses of pesticides. (See Home page of this web site.)

Of course, since 2015 when Manitoba’s restrictions were first implemented, additional studies have been published concerning adverse health impacts associated with human exposure to pesticides.

Link to CPBM Position Paper:

Restricting Non-Essential Uses Of Pesticides in Manitoba

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