Who is CPBM?

Mallow bloom (CPBM photo)

Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba (CPBM) is a coalition that brings together a number of individuals, health groups and environmental organizations in Manitoba. The coalition was established in 2013 to press for provincial legislation restricting the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides.

Working Group Members

Members of the working group represent Campaign for Pesticide Reduction, Chemical Sensitivities Manitoba, Coalition of Concerned Mothers of Manitoba, Environmental Health Association of Manitoba, Green Action Centre, Manitoba Eco-Network, and the Social Planning Council of Winnipeg. The Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment provides health and policy input. Ecojustice provides legal and regulatory advice.

Other Manitoba Groups in Support

Day lily, valerian, bell flower (CPBM photo)

In addition to the above, supporters of restrictions on cosmetic uses of pesticides in Manitoba include the following organizations: Manitoba Branch of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Manitoba Chapter of the Council of Canadians, Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba, Manitoba College of Family Physicians, Manitoba Lung Association, Manitoba Nature Summit, Nature Manitoba, Organic Food Council of Manitoba, Sustainable South Osborne Community Co-op, Transitions Winnipeg, and the Winnipeg Humane Society.

National Organizations

These organizations support a ban on cosmetic uses of pesticides: Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Environmental Law Association, Canadian Nurses for Health and Environment, David Suzuki Foundation, Prevent Cancer Now, and the Sierra Club of Canada.