Health Studies

Bassil K, C Vakil, M Sanborn, DC Cole, JS Kaur, KJ Kerr. 2007. Cancer Health Effects of Pesticides – Systematic Review. (Review of 104 studies.) Canadian Family Physician. October 2007. 53 (10). Online:

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Delphinium (CPBM photo)

Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP). 2012 Systematic Review of Pesticide Health Effects. (Review of 142 studies.) Prepared by Marg Sanborn, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Kate Bassil, MSc, PhD, Cathy Vakil, MD, CCFP, FCFP, Kathleen Kerr, MD, MCFP, Dip. Env. Health, and Kelsey Ragan, MPH. Online:

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Organizations in Manitoba


Manitoba Eco-Network

Organic Food Council of Manitoba

Winnipeg Humane Society

Organizations in Canada

Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)

Canadian Cancer Society

Canadian Wildlife Federation

David Suzuki Foundation


Prevent Cancer Now

Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario

United Food and Commercial Workers

International Organizations

Beyond Pesticides (USA)

Pesticide Action Network – North America (PANNA)

Pesticide Action Network – UK

Publications and Background Documents


Letter to Manitoba Minister of Sustainable Development – Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (June 2018)

Local Health and Environment Advocates Urge Province to Maintain Cosmetic Pesticide Ban – CPBM News Release (May 23, 2018)


Overview: Pesticides and Human Health – Backgrounder, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (August 2017)


Cosmetic Pesticides – Provincial policies and Municipal Bylaws: Lessons Learned and Best Practices – Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (August 2016)

Restricting Non-Essential Uses Of Pesticides in Manitoba – Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba position paper (updated November 2016)


Pesticide Safety: Report of the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development – Auditor General of Canada (Fall 2015). Health Canada has published a response to the recommendations in the report of the Commissioner (updated July 2018).

The Environment Act (Manitoba Statutes) – Sections 40.4 to 40.10 on cosmetic pesticides (amendments passed in 2014)

Non-Essential Pesticide Use Regulation – Government of Manitoba (2014)

Play It Safe: A Consultation on Cosmetic Lawn Pesticides – Government of Manitoba (2012)

Recommendations for a Provincial Ban on the Cosmetic Use of Pesticides – Background Paper, Manitoba Round Table for Sustainable Development (April 2011)